Maffei, good for health


Pastaio Maffei obtained a star as a recognition for the legality rating.

Maffei fresh pasta, both those with and those without eggs, have as main ingredient the durum wheat, which is why they do not stick and they must not be rinsed with cold water.

Why durum wheat is good for alimentation? For the simple reason that it is healthy – eating durum wheat products decreases the risk of obesity – yes, you can eat Maffei pasta dishes combined with healthy ingredients and not gain weight. With a low glycemic index and high fiber pasta from durum wheat Maffei helps maintain weight and lower «bad» cholesterol.

The security and the quality of Maffei products are given by the certifications obtained.

About Maffei

Pastaio Maffei was born in 1960



Thanks to the Savino Maffei’s determination, who runs the company since more then 50 years, and today, with the same passion he and his family devote themselves to the production of fresh pasta.
Still today, Maffei maintains his identity of a “family company”, but looking for innovation. This aspect allowed them to reach important goals and to fortify the leader’s role in the production of pasta.The mission is very simple: bring on the tables the excellence of Maffei products, made by the best raw materials.

“People who eat my pasta must smile with joy”.

– this is Maffei‘s Motto who brings on our table’s costumers the excellence of Maffei products, made by the best raw materials, following the most important qualitative standards.

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